Plant Nursery Kit

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Did you know that agriculture accounts for 80% of tropical rain forest deforestation? That is startling and the rates of tropical rain forest deforestation are on the rise in 2019. Luckily there is lots of things you, as a consumer, can do to minimize your contribution to this global atrocity. One thing you can do is try and start growing some of your favorite vegetables and herbs from home! We understand it can be hard to start a garden, seeding-lings need to be cared for on a daily basis weather its weeding or watering. We want to make starting a garden as easy as possible and now it is, with this all-in-one nursery kit its never been easier to start growing the garden of your dreams. The nursery kit is great for getting your garden ahead of the game, providing your seedlings with a safe nurturing environment.



  • Can Accommodate 12 Plants
  • Easy Set up
Start growing the garden of your dreams today!
    Offer Includes:


    • 5 Nursery Kits
    • 5 Lids