Bee's Wax Candles

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Do you enjoy reading or having dinner by candlelight? Of course you do, who doesn't. Here's an idea though, if you are going to buy candles anyway, why not buy candles that support a cause? Not only do these natural bee's wax candles look great but by buying them your are supporting the bee farming industry which may be the key to saving the bee's. As I'm sure you've heard, all over north america the bee's are disappearing and the consequences of a world without bee's is far reaching. Many of our staple crops and fauna are pollinated by the bee's and without the bee's not only will the farming industry take a hit, but so will our ecosystem as a whole. In an ecosystem every organism, has a vital role to play to ensure balance is maintained but the bee's has a particularity important role in our ecosystem that we may not survive without. We need to come together to save the bee's.

For every pack of candles bought, we will donate $5 to The Honeybee Conservancy, an organization dedicated to saving the bee's

Learn more about why wee need the bee's and how you can help at

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  • 18 Candles
Lets save the bee's, support the bee industry!